Khadi India Eco Origin Organic Wild Turmeric Facial Radiance gel 200 ML

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Indication: Eco Origin Wild Turmeric Gel is a best Combination of rich oils, wild Turmeric Powders ,plant extracts and Essential oils.

Wild Turmeric or Kasthuri Manjal Or Kasthuri Pasupu is very famous and Historically proven Natural Herb and Womens first Choice for Skin Radiance .

Acne & Pimples Control:

Wild Turmeric or Kasturi Manjal possesses the antibacterial properties which is effective in dealing with acne & Pimples.

Facial Hair Growth Control:

Kasthuri Manjal helps controlling of of facial hair Growth.

Exfoliation Scrub:

It removes Dead skin cells and ensures new growth of new skin cells with a superior Glow.

Makes your skin look younger.

Kasturi Manjal gel provides the supple and soft skin by eliminating the fine lines and wrinkles. The daily use of Kasturi Manjal gel slows down the ageing process. It enhances the healthy and glowing face.

It Rejuvenates, Hydrates, Nourishes and makes the skin soft, Smooth and Radiant.


Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel, Wild Turmeric Powder, Wild Turmeric Extract & Oil & Gel base.

How to Use:

How to Use: Wash the Face, Neck and Hands. Apply the gel gently by Massaging for 3-5 Minutes till it gets absorbed. it can be left the same way for better results. It can be followed with Kasthuri Manjal Cream for Superior Glow and softness.

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