Khadi India Eco Origin Eco Multhani Rose Beauty Soap 100g

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Description: An Exclusive Hand Crafted Soap made with Multhani mitti, Rose, Aloevera, Almond and Coconut oil extracts. Herbal Extracts, Pure Coconut Oil and Essential oils, cleanse the Skin from Dirt, Acne, Tan and Pollution.

Multhani mitti, Aloevera, Rose are known for enhancing the skin texture from Cleansing and Detoxifying the skin and pores to eliminate excess oil from the Skin.

It is Detoxifying and Purifying Soap.

Multhani mitti tightens the skin and helps in preventing early sagging of skin.

Rose extracts nourishes the skin by improving glow.

It Contains Virgin Coconut oil which balance the Natural oils of the Skin and helps in better Hydration of Skin.

It gives pleasant Bathing Experience.

It enhances Skin Complexion by Cleansing the Dead Skin cells.

It Provides smoothness to the Skin and Tones it.

Ideal for all types of Waters (Hard Water & Bore Water)

Ideal for all types of Skin.

Sulphate & Paraben Free: The Traditional Hand Made Process & techniques which involves multiple Filtration and Curing for more than One Month makes the Finished Products Sulphate and Paraben Free.

Ingredients: Multhani mitti, Rose, Aloevera and coconut cream Extract, Coconut Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Almond oil, Essential Oils, Moisturizer and Base Q.s

How to Use: Apply the Soap on wet Skin till it generates Rich Lather then wash off with water.

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