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    • Eco Essentials Anti Tan Face & Body Polish Bath Powder 200 g ( No Chemicals) Offer Pack Free Loofah

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      Why Anti Tan Powder?

      Our Skin is the Largest Organ of our Body which represents our Personality.

      Our Skins Biggest Challenge is Hard Water, Pollution, Improper Lifestyle, Uneven Eating Habits and finally Lack of Proper Exercise. All these together slowly damage the beauty of our Skin.

      Our Skin Contains very tiny pores which produce oils and Sweat. The Pores will be clogged with micro Pollutants, Dust and Tan which cannot be removed by Synthetic Soaps. The soap residues get clogged in these tiny Skin Pores Causing More and more Tan and Dark Spots.

      Taking Proper Care of our Skin is very important to lead a Healthy and Proper Quality of Lifestyle.

      Applying an all-Natural and 100% Chemical Free Organic Face and Body Polish Bath Powder is always a Boon for our Skin.

      All the Ingredients are home Grown by Krushi Vigyana Kendra a subsidiary of National Institute of Rural Development Board.

      Eco Essentials Anti Tan Face and Body Polish Powder removes Dead Cells, Tan, Detoxify Skin , Nourishes Skin.

      It acts as Anti Ageing Scrub and Helps in Improving Complexion.

      It Can be Use full for all skin Types , Genders, Kids, Bore water, Hard Water Problems.



      Hemidesmus, Gandha Kachuralu,Vettiveru, Bavanchalu,Dumparastram,Kasthuri Pasupu, Akupatri, Chengalva Kostu,Jatamansi,Barley,Tungamastakalu, Chandanam,Neem, Thulasi, Rose Petals, Green Gram (Pesalu) etc.

      How to Use:

      Take 2-3 Tablespoons Full Body Scrub Powder in Sufficient Quantity of water or Milk or Rose water and make a Thick Paste , apply it all over the Body and Face. Wait for 5 Minutes and Scrub the skin with the Help Of Vettiver Scrubber.

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