Khadi Manav Kesar Body Massage Oil 210 ml (with kesar,almond,olive oil)

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Description: A Special Ayurvedic preparation of Aroma oils with Pure Kesar( Saffron),Almond oil,Olive oil,Wheatgerm oil gives nourishing effect to skin when massaged.

  1. Body massage with oil gives strength to bones  due to Massage.
  2. It improves good blood circulation.
  3.  Massage helps in body activation and Relaxes the Body and Mind from Stress and Strain.
  4. Massage with Kesar oil helps in eliminating waste  build up from Lymph Nodes and Tan from Epidermal Layer of the Skin.
  5. It Improves the Elasticity of the skin.
  6. It is used for nails cracking problems and gives nourishing effect to whole body.
  7. It can be used as a Pre Bath Massage oil for Dry and Rough Skin.
  8. Regular Massage keeps the body fit and helps in Anti Ageing Problems.
  9. Regular Massage helps in Reducing Wrinkles in Skin among Growing Adults.

Ingredients: Crocus Sativus, Prunus Amygdalus,Olea europoea,Tripicum Sativum & Base Q.s.

How to Use: Take 5-6 Spoons of Massage oil and gently Massage  all over the Body and slowly improve the Massage till the oil gets absorbed.

An ideal preparation for body massage

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