Khadi Meghas Fatodit (Kerala Herbal Body Slimming Tea 100% Natural) 50g

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Fatodit is very effective for cholesterol and body fats control.

It supports in eliminating excess body fats and toxins.

It supports in reducing tiredness and keeps body active.

Safe to use,no side effects, 100% herbal.


Coscinium Fenestratum 10 g, Tribulus terrestris 20 g, Tinsporia cardifolia10g, Boerhavia diffusa 20 g, Cedrus deodara 10g, zingeber officinale 5g, Solanum melongena 10g, Azadirachta5g, Picrochiza kurroa10g.

How to Use:

Add 2 tea spoons of Fatodit powder to 1 liter of water.Boil and filter it before use , Take 2 or 3 times daily after food.


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