Eco Essentials Himalayan Rose Aqua Beauty Spray (100% Natural & Pure Steam Distilled) 100 ml Spray

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Himalayan Rose Aqua is 100% Natural and Alcohol free Beauty Spray Made with wild Roses of Kullu Manali Region.

Rose Aqua Naturally Balances the skin PH.

It’s a Natural Astringent , Reduces Oiliness and Tightens Pores.

It Hydrates and Revitalizes the skin.

It Can be used with all Face Pack, As a Makeup Remover, Skin Toner.

It can be Used to refreshing the eyes after Stress and Long Hours of Working Or Travel.

It can be used for Food Purpose also to add Aroma for Sweets.

It can be applied with Face Pack Powders, Anti Tan Powders etc.


Rosa Centifolia , Steam Distilled water, Aqua etc.

How to Use:

Can be sprayed on Face as a Toner and Make Up Base remover. Before Foundation to clean & Tone the skin also.

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