Hair PACK Powders

    • Khadi Manav Shikakai Powder 125 g

      50.00 48.00


      Shikakai is a Commonly Used Herb that has many Remedial Qualities for Lusture and Shine of Hair.

      It is Popularly Refereed as Fruit of the HAIR that gently Cleanses the HAIR with out Stripping the Natural Oils of the Hair thus retaining the shine of the Hair.

      Shikakai is Use Full in Controlling Dandruff,Promoting Hair Growth and Strengthening the Hair Roots.

      It is very Effective in removing Oil and Excess Grease and Dirt from Hair.

      Hair Pack made from Shikakai is very beneficial in Promoting Hair Growth.


      Shaikakai( Acacia Concinna)

      How to Use:

      Take the required Quantity of Shikakai Powder make the paste with Henna Powder and apply the paste ob Hair for 30 Minutes when it is dry wash off with plain water. Can also be used as Directed by Physician.



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    • Khadi Manav Reetha Powder 125 g

      55.00 53.00


      Reetha is well known as Soap Nut Powder of India, and is used regularly from several Ages.

      It is an Excellent Natural Hair Cleanser and it helps prevent Dandruff.

      It is a Natural Hair Conditioner and makes the Hairs Soft and Silky.

      It can used for Washing Silk, Woolen and Valuables Clothes Also which helps in Maintaining the original Color of the Clothes.


      Reetha Powder.

      How to use:

      mix the powder with clean water.apply this paste on hair , wash off.

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    • Khadi Manav Natural Black Mehendi 60 g 100 % Chemical Free

      85.00 83.00


      To make the Hair Natural Black with out Use of any Chemical.


      Emblica Officinalis, Centella Astacia, Eclipta Alba, Accacia Concinna,Terminella Chebula,Terminella Bellarcia,lawsonia Alba, Indigofera Tinctoria.

      How to Use:

      Mix the Powder with Plain Water,Apply the Paste with Brush, when it is dry wash the Hair with Brush.

      Note: First time Users may not get the Color Instantly, but after some Hours.


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    • Khadi Manav Natural Black Hair Special Combo( Base Mehendi+ Black Mehendi) (100 % herbal Mehendi powder) 120 g

      180.00 175.00


      An ayurvedic preparation to make the hair natural black with out using any chemical.

      This is a Unique Combination of Base Mehendi & Black mehendi : Base Mehendi  Conditions and Prepares the Hair for further Application of Black Mehendi.

      Both the Base Mehendi and Black Mehendi are 100% Chemical Free with out any Ammonia and PPD.


      A chemical free Mehendi powder,safe to use,gives shine to hair.Gives natural Colour.


      Emblica officinalis,centella asitica,eclipta alba ,terminalia chebula,terminalia bellirica,indigofera tinctoria,acacia concinna,lawsonia alba.

      How to Use:

      Step 1=Wet the Mehendi Powder of Red Colour printed pouch in lukewarm water and apply this paste on hair with brush,after drying wash the hair

      Step 2=Now repeat the same procedure with Green Colour printed pouch and wash the hair after 1 hour.

      Note: There should be 25 mins. Gap between Step 1 and Step 2.



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    • Khadi Manav Amla Powder 125 g

      45.00 44.00


      An Ayurvedic Powder for both Internal and External Usage. Certified By KVIC Govt of India.

      Amla balances the Three elements (Vata, Pitta & Kapha) of the Body.

      Amla is the best source of Vitamin “C”.

      Its Intake provides Immunity to the Body.

      It is Help full for Proper Functioning of Liver and Urinary System.

      External Uses:

      Amla Nourishes Hair making it Thicker and Stronger and Provides Lusture to the Hair.

      It is Help Full to Control Conditions like Premature Greying of Hair.



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    • Eco Essentials Organic Hibiscus Hydrating & Conditioning Flower Powder ( A Certified Product of Rural Technology Park NIRD) 100 g

      180.00 175.00


      Eco Essentials Hibiscus Flower Powder is a Home Grown powder made from fresh flowers grown by Krushi Vigyana Kendra a subsidiary of National Institute Of Rural Development (NIRD).

      Hibiscus Flower Powder helps in preventing premature Greying of Hair.

      Hibiscus Flower is rich in Vitamin C and helps boost collagen ensuring hair growth.

      It Contains Amino acids which nourish the hair and strengthen your roots.

      It adds lustre to the hair.

      It stimulates hair growth from dormant follicles

      It unclogs pores and clears the scalp of excess sebum

      It stimulates blood flow to the scalp and aids in removing dandruff

      It adds to hair health by making them thick and adding volume

      It helps in making the Hair Roots and Strands Stronger.

      Its a  Natural Hair Conditioning powder.

      It Brings Natural Shine to the Hair.


      Hibsicus Flower Powder 100% Pure.

      How to Use & Applications:

      Hibiscus flower powder can be used after washing the Hair as a Conditioner. Make a Thick Paste and apply all over the scalp and Hair , wash off with water.

      It can also be used to make oil with Coconut for Hair Growth.

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    • Eco Essentials Organic Bhringaraj Powder For Hair ( A Certified Product of Rural Technology Park NIRD) 100 g

      75.00 70.00


      Eco Essentials Bhringraj powder contains Minerals & Vitamins that boosts Hair Growth and Improves Blood Circulation.

      It is Effective for dry and Dull Hair As it promotes Nourishment.

      It is Use full in Controlling Dandruff and Lice.

      It Helps in Improving shine of Hair.


      Pure Bhringraj leaves Powder.

      How to Use:

      Mix Organic Bhringraj powder with water or Tea decotion to make a paste and apply on hair and wash after 15 minutes.

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